Organic Spiced Mustard Rub (4 oz.)

from Wine Country Chef
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A complete, organic blend of herbs and spices to warm up your recipes! Rub it on lamb, spare ribs, chicken, or salmon. Mix it with meatballs, and hamburgers. Add to dressings, stews, and soups.


organic mustard, organic herbs, organic garlic, sea salt, organic black pepper, organic chili powder



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Wine Country Chef Spiced Mustard Rub
Jan 26, 2010
By Food is our Life
Wine Country Chef Spiced Mustard Rub: This one was a real winner in more ways than one. Gretchen sort of ruled this one out from the beginning, almost didn’t want to try it. But after I bit into that first bite of chicken breast, she gave it a try. Wow! Again, subtle flavors all around, nothing was overpowering. There was a bite of spice in it, and a great flavor of mustard that really made this something unique. Trying this on some grilled salmon is going to be a must in the very near future. Not sure what it is, but all of the organic spices we have tried are just perfect, as they do not overtake the meat!
Handcrafted by a chef at the Culinary Institute of America in St Helena, these rubs and marinade capture the essence of the wine country.
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